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Why Develop a Property Investment Portfolio?

First of all, history tells us that property is one of the soundest and most powerful investment vehicles available and has been one of the best performing asset-classes over time. It also offers you a great alternative to failing pension schemes and since records began in the 1950’s, UK house prices have doubled every 7-10 years.

According to the Halifax plc, UK house prices have risen in 36 out of the past 40 years, with an impressive increase of 10.3%. This represents excellent long-term capital growth and if your investments are structured correctly will also provide positive monthly cash-flow.

Have you noticed that year after year the ‘Rich Lists’ include people who have created or added to their wealth through buying property?

Property is a high value asset and will generate good returns on investment, if you’re prepared to take a medium to long-term view.

In the UK there is and always will be a growing demand for established residential property as we are an island nation, making buy-to-let investments extremely attractive if bought in the right location and at the right price.

Rental demand is high, especially for the right type of rental property in the correct areas – between 1995 and 2003 the number of people ‘needing’ to rent doubled from 46,000 to over 93,000

There is record demand for property as we are living longer, marrying later and are more likely to live alone, as divorce rates are increasing and we have record levels of inward migration, at a time when house building cannot keep up with demand.