Property Investing BOOTCAMP!

At Jacob’s Ladder, we are 100% committed to assisting our private landlord clients develop and manage their growing property portfolios, and with this in mind, we will soon be launching our property BOOTCAMP!

This is the property equivalent of an awesome workout, time spent working out in the gym, getting a sweat on and developing your skills, and will prove to be an excellent networking opportunity!

This will be a half or full day of breakout groups, talks and opportunities to mix with like-minded landlords, other property investors, industry contractors, and members of the Jacob’s Ladder POWER TEAM, a group of carefully selected and time-served industry professionals, insiders and advisors who will all have your best interests at heart.

During the Property Investing BOOTCAMP we will cover some property investment strategies, and discuss case studies, based on our experience of managing over 1000 tenancies over the past 12 years, which has helped our property team develop a positive, solution orientated mindset to overcome any situation!

We will look at the pros and cons of property investing, and discuss some reasons why you would choose to become a professional property investor, and get into the WHY you would want to do so, reasons such as escaping the 9-5 J.O.B mentality, creating financial freedom for you and your family, or building a business that you can pass on as a valuable legacy to your family.

We will also look at developing the mindset of investing in below market value property (BMV) and discuss various off-market property sourcing strategies, as well as how to deal with other estate agents, legal and taxation issues, refurbishment and renovation strategies and handling important property management issues, such as dealing with letting agents, managing tenancies, deposit protection and evicting tenants.

We will also have a talk from leading figures in the local council, as well as prominent industry experts, solicitors and hand-picked, successful property investors who will all share their investment secrets with you, in the hope that they can help motivate, educate and inspire you to continue in your goal to achieve financial freedom through property investment.

We hope it will be a great day, educational and informative, and that you will feel better equipped to make your next property investment.

More information will be announced by our property team soon, regarding venue and costs!

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