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Effective Property Management

13th August 2013 Simon Holland

There are many ‘pillars’ of effective property management, and we try to help landlord’s understand the fundamentals, but most importantly, we can deal with the property on our landlord’s behalf.

Successful buy-to-let investing involves much more than choosing the right property, on the right street, the old adage of ‘Location, Location, Location’, and there are key principles involved in building a profitable property portfolio. These include calculating the yield and future capital growth potential, effective selection and managing of tenants, and knowing when is the right time to sell!

Selecting the right management agency is also vital, as this can save you time, hassle and in the long run money, as a good agent will hopefully build a good rapport with your tenants, deal with issues swiftly and ensure they are tied into fixed term contracts.

Surveys show that agency managed tenancies are longer and considered more successful than ones managed directly by landlords, as agents are usually more adept at dealing with tenants and managing that important relationship successfully.

There is also the issue of dealing with the government deposit schemes, and keeping abreast of the latest changes in tenancy law, a potential minefield for the inexperienced landlord.

Renting properties often involves setbacks! Tenants don’t pay the rent when they’re supposed to, unexpected repairs need doing and interest rates can rise. However, it is how you deal with these setbacks that matters most. We try to tackle each problem with a positive attitude and when you’re solution orientated, logical solutions often follow closely behind.

At Jacob’s Ladder, we have built up a reliable and trusted group of contractors over the past few years, providing our landlords and tenants with piece of mind. Our philosophy is a happy tenant, should be a long term tenant, keeping your void periods and re-let costs down! It’s a false economy to have new tenants every 6 months, not to look after them properly and always try and cut corners on repairs.

We believe our landlord’s property investments are in safe hands with us. We take detailed written and photographic inventories when the tenancies begin and regularly carry out inspection visits. We keep in regular contact with the tenants and always try and deal with repair matters as and when they come up.

We’re always looking for new landlords to work with, and we are keen to expand our portfolio of managed properties all over Greater Manchester and East Lancashire.

So, why not call us for an informal, no obligation chat to see if we can help you grow or manage your portfolio? We’d be very happy to help!