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Property Success Tips

5th January 2017 Simon Holland

If you are looking to make a success out of investing in property, whether you’re looking to supplement your income, or develop a new full-time career, there are certain personal traits that will be of great benefit to you in the coming weeks, months and years.

I believe you must have good levels of determination, resilience and single mindedness to achieve your goals, along with an understanding that great deals don’t just magically ‘drop into your lap’.

Money in property isn’t made overnight, it takes time, and lots of small, good decisions built on top of each other, rather like the building bricks of an actual property.

You will need to work smart, as well as hard, and that starts with having a great team of advisors right from the beginning, who will help you avoid costly delays and potentially expensive mistakes. You need advice from people who have been there and done it!

There will be late nights, weekends and holiday time spent painting, making trips to the DIY store, as well as meetings with agents, mortgage advisors and developers.

You will spend time viewing numerous properties, and vendors will almost certainly mess you about. Deals you thought were ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities will turn out to be total duds, but nevertheless you must keep going.

You must be prepared to learn from every experience, the good and the bad, and in time you will get smarter.

Tenants may also cause some distress, some sleepless nights and things will not always go to plan, but you must never give up!

Success in property is about playing the ‘long game’, fine tuning the craft of investing and trying to have some fun along the way.

In 2017, we only have the capacity to work with 25 new clients. We can only work with those looking for a new challenge, a ‘thrill’ and those looking to develop a positive mindset for success.

So if you’re looking to ‘make your mark’ in the property world, and would like to work with the regions best, and award winning property consultancy, then get in touch and I will be delighted to arrange a FREE 1-2-1 consultation, and we can begin to help you make your property dreams come true!