Quarterback or Circus Clown?


Hi everybody, I am Simon Holland, the Owner and Senior Property Consultant at Jacob’s Ladder, and I am delighted that you’ve taken some time to read our Blog #SimonSays

You know, there are times when I get so overwhelmed with optimism, I could literally burst!

You know those days when you have boundless enthusiasm, and see opportunities everywhere? That’s everyday for me

I think that you can look at any situation, any circumstance and try and find the positive side, try and look for the solutions to the challenges we face and have a positive glass is half full mentality.

Obviously, there are times in life when we genuinely feel sad, alone and wonder how we will get through, especially since COVID came along, when many people found themselves stuck at home, cut off from their family and friends.

But there are also times when despite what we face, our attitude, will determine our altitude. How we look at any given situation, can affect the outcome in a positive or negative way!

I am an early riser. I’m usually out of bed, showered and sat at my desk with a cup of coffee by 6/7am most days, and in my working life, I like to take on the role of the goal setter, the solution finder and the problem solver. I am a doer. I like to tick tasks off my to-do list and get things done!

The service I offer my business partners and valued clients is, always has been and always will be very personal. I am always available to help my customers, available to pick up the phone and listen when they need me, and then advise them or go away and find a solution to whatever it is that is bothering them.

ALL my clients have my business card, my personal mobile number and my personal email address. Jacob’s Ladder is (as much as possible) a 24/7 business, ready, willing and able to help when needed. We may have traditional office opening hours, but in times of need, or emergencies, or when our clients want to talk, we are always available!

I surround myself with doers. People who have a positive attitude, who like a challenge, who are going somewhere in life. I like people with purpose and a sense of direction. I have little time for those who are drifting through life, complaining and waiting for life to happen to them, especially in the workplace.

Within our property team, to use a sporting analogy, you could say that I am the Quarterback. I dictate the plays and I set the tone. I cast the vision and the direction our business is going in. Sometimes though, I also like to play the role of the Circus Clown!

What I’m trying to say is that there is an ‘I’ in team, and in my business, the ‘I’ is me, and because I have the right attitude, I like to think that we will all succeed!

Without my steering the ship, our property team would be direction-less, and our clients wouldn’t get the service they deserve.

Life is a constant chase for your next touchdown, I’m about to launch the ball, you’d better get running!

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