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Quarterback or Circus Clown?

4th November 2013 Simon Holland

You know, there are times when I get so overwhelmed with optimism, I could burst! I have boundless enthusiasm and see each day as full of opportunity!

I think that you can look at any situation, any circumstance and try and find the positive side, try and look for the solutions to the challenges we face and have a ‘glass is half full’ mentality.

Obviously, there are times in life when we genuinely feel sad, alone and wonder how we will get through, but there are also times when our attitude, will determine our altitude.

In my business, I am the goal setter, the solution finder and the problem solver. The service I offer my clients is very personal. I am always available to help my customers, to pick up the phone and listen when they need me, and then go away and find a solution to whatever it is that is bothering them.

ALL my clients have my card, my mobile number and my email. Jacob’s Ladder is a 24/7 business, we don’t have opening hours. We are always open!

I surround myself with ‘doers’, people who like a challenge, people who are going somewhere in life, people with direction. I have little time for those who are drifting through life, waiting for life to happen to them and especially in business.

I like to take control, take charge and make things happen. I am the Quarterback of Jacob’s Ladder, I dictate the plays and I set the tone for the direction our business is going in. I must confess though, I’m can also be the Circus Clown!

What I’m trying to say is that there is an ‘I’ in team, and in my business, the ‘I’ is me, and because I have the right attitude, we will all succeed!

Life is a constant chase for your next ‘touchdown’ – I’m about to launch the ball, you’d better get running!