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Property Management | Jacob's Ladder Sales & Lettings Specialists

Importance of Quality Property Management

15th December 2019 Simon Holland

Now, please allow me to state the obvious: Wear and tear in a rental property is inevitable! Over time, you’d expect an oven to break down, a window pane to get misted over, a drain pipe to come loose or a heating pipe to burst. These types of issues are solely the responsibility of the Continue Reading…

Effective Property Management

13th August 2013 Simon Holland

There are many ‘pillars’ of effective property management, and we try to help landlord’s understand the fundamentals, but most importantly, we can deal with the property on our landlord’s behalf. Successful buy-to-let investing involves much more than choosing the right property, on the right street, the old adage of ‘Location, Location, Location’, and there are key principles involved in Continue Reading…